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  • RV Paneling Batten Strips Breeze
  • RV Paneling Batten Strips Breeze
  • RV Paneling Batten Strips Breeze

RV Paneling Batten Strips Carlo Fawn/ York Natural

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Product Description

RV Paneling Batten Strips Carlo Fawn

1" thick and 8' long.

Goes with Carlo Fawn RV paneling.

A step up from the seam tape to make your walls look professionally done!



Battens are strips that cover the space/seam between two wall panels. They come in various shades to match the color of the wall.

Why use Battens for Paneling?

Paneling gives a neat and seamless look to the walls. A properly sealed wall will be protected from leakages, termites and damage. Previously metal paneling was used, but now better options are available in aluminum and fiberglass. Battens are a great option for covering the spaces between the panelings of the walls. They are available in various shades and textures to match and complement the adjoining panels.

RV Paneling Batten Strips Breeze:


  • Color breeze
  • 1” thick and 8' long
  • Compatible with Breeze RV paneling
  • Covered with decorative vinyl
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Substrates
  • Pine
  • Particle board
  • Hardwood lumber
  • MDF
  • Plastic
  • Lumbercore plywood
  • Veneer plywood

RV Paneling Batten Strips Breeze Characteristics:

Seals Effectively:Batten strips are the perfect way to cover the spaces between panels. It gives a finished look to the wall. The batten strips come in matching colors and designs and perfectly coordinate with the adjoining panels.

Step up from Tapes:

Seam tapes are also used for sealing the panels of a wall. But in comparison to battens, the tapes are not very long lasting. They cannot ensure the resistance covering provided by the battens and are not reliable. Therefore to upgrade from the tapes, the best replacement option is the batten strips.

Custom Made:

The batten strip that comes in the color breeze is compatible to the breeze RV paneling. These color coordinated batten strips give a factory made look to the walls of your RV.

Material and Quality:

The strips are coated with vinyl. They are thin, lightweight and durable. The material is so designed to stay clear of scratches and dents. They are resistant to termites and the coating prevents the insects from damaging the paneling strips. Also, they do not allow water seepage that again damages the walls and panels.


The strips are made of resistant materials and have a long life. These strips are high on aerodynamics, thereby providing smoother rides and saving the fuel costs. Saving gas costs is very economical in the long run.

Easy to Install:

The batten strips are custom made and easy to mount on the walls. The do not get peeled off like the tapes and the sizes are perfect to make a snug fit. No tools and screws are required for fixing. Also, there is no hassle of cutting the panels into the right size. These come in neat designs and perfect sizes.

These batten strips are definitely an up gradation from the sticky tapes. They are lightweight and durable and come in custom sizes so that they can be just stuck on the walls. No screws and no tools are required. It has a decorative vinyl covering and provides a textured look the wall. Therefore, it is both a decorative item as well as serves the purpose of utility. This cost saving device is a must buy for you RV. It also comes at a reasonable price with great discounts.


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