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  • 115V Radius White Roof Vent
  • 115V Radius White RV Roof Vent
  • 115V Radius White RV Roof Vent
  • 115V Radius White RV Roof Vent

115V Radius White RV Roof Vent

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Product Description

115V Radius White RV Roof Vent is a motorized roof ventilator mounted on your RV for proper air circulation. Its main purpose is to ease the intake and outtake of air from your mobile home and it is helps in keeping the RV fresh and cool while driving or while being parked.

Body Features:

  • It is made of strong and sturdy plastic material that prevents the roof vent from corrosion of any sort such as rust and metal dust, and it also protects the body of the roof vent from any damage from external knocks.
  • The plastic body helps serve the true purpose of the roof vent as it allows for maximum light and air to pass through easily but does not let sun to erode the impressive white color of the machine with its sun resistance capability. 
  • The roof vent also comes with an ultra-violet (UV) inhibitor feature that does not allow for premature fading of color candles of the vent.
  • The 115V Radius White RV Roof Vent comes in one standard size of 14’ x 14’ which gives it easy fitting in all standard RVs.

Compatibility & Electric features:

  • 115V Radius White RV Roof Vent is easily installed into ventilation spaces in RVs and comes in with an easy open-up operation. The easy open-up operation allows the user to adjust the amount of air and light that they want to pass through the roof vent into the RV. 
  • Fan of the roof vent is fitted into the top corner of the vent and is made of durable steel which allows it to be used for years if properly managed. 
  • Another worth-mentioning feature is the screen of the roof vent as it is a heavy duty structure which gives the vent firm and solid protection against any material passing through apart from air and light.
  • Moreover, the 115V Radius White RV Roof Vent comes with superior weather shields that safeguards the roof vent from all sorts of weather changes such as rain, snow, etc. As roof vents are fitted on the top, they are prone to being harmed by different weather conditions therefore it 115V Radius White RV Roof Vent is proficiently weather-proof which helps the machine to last longer. 
  • As far as its electric fitting is concerned, the roof vent works perfectly with any normal 115 voltage electric socket but it needs to be professionally mounted. 
  • The screws provided with the roof vent gives it a stern holding against any knocks or weather shocks.


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