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  • Special Order RV Aluminum

Special Order RV Aluminum Siding: See Different Patterns and Designs in Drop Down Below


Product Description

Aluminum Siding

Important: This item is available on special order only and will take approximately 2-4 weeks for delivery.


Special Order Aluminum Siding

How to determine cut size:

  • Please specify the exposed size of aluminum width after the edge style.

No returns on special orders (75% charge on cancellations).

For help with choosing the right size/color and getting a custom quote please email Trina at

After owning a recreational vehicle, it is very important that you ensure the quality of each and every aspect of the building of this RV for its durability. Both the interior and exterior have to be maintained congruously. With a strong exterior, you can add some longevity period to your vehicle. Quality based flooring, walls, and siding are a must. So, it is very important that you select the right and a high-quality material in the making of your siding.

Aluminum Siding Description:

Aluminum sidings are one of the most durable and lasting covering materials for an RV. Being fairly affordable and pocket-friendly, aluminum siding comes with a low maintenance too. It is fairly easy to repair and is highly durable. After painting the aluminum siding, it showcases a pretty high-end vibe for your recreational vehicle. The aluminum siding has been one of the oldest and most reliable systems of all time. In all, it is weather resistant.

Distinct Features:

The aluminum siding for an RV arrives with a precise fit and comprises of modern high-strength material. It has a high tolerance and accurate joints. This type of siding is extremely strong and can resist hundreds of pounds efficiently. This aluminum siding system meets a variety of needs and design specifications. Now have a smoother ride with a stronger construction and a better mileage with this aluminum siding system.

Special Order RV Aluminum Siding:

We offer special order RV aluminum siding with a number of customization options. To be appropriate for the aesthetic quality, there are a number of color options available to make your recreational vehicle go with the trend. There are options available in the pattern and design too, including 3” Mesa, 4” Mesa, 4” Mesa 1 with Reverse, Yoder and much more. You can create your own design with other criteria to choose from, which includes the type of emboss and the edge style of the siding system. The emboss contains different types of textures for your siding system. For instance, a smooth finish has no texture, a stucco finish has a pebble like texture and an RCE (Rough Cedar Emboss) has a wood grain like texture. You need to mention the exposed size of aluminum width along with the edge size to get the appropriate cut size.

Design your own siding system and get going on the wheels along with safety. Aluminum being a strong material, combined with a strong type of construction, makes it a very durable and reliable siding system. It's versatile, lightweight and environment-friendly properties make aluminum one of the best types of systems to be used in a recreational vehicle.

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