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RV Sleeper Sofa

RV Sleeper Sofas are the almost all-purpose furniture. Not only does it fulfill the purpose of a sofa, but they can be folded out and used for a double bed. With some you can also use underneath to store various things, as long as they are not above a certain height. Many storage boxes have a shape and height which will slide under there perfectly. They are usually 42” wide when open, which will fit one reasonably large person or two ordinary ones. You can, however, have deluxe ones, which are wider. In older days, homes had one of these, called futons for when an unexpected guest or two dropped in. Otherwise they were simply used as spare sitting space somewhere. They take up less room than a double bed and are much less expensive to buy. If you have the space in your RV, you can choose the longer length one, as they come in two lengths. Of course, you can always have yours custom made. Because of the structure of these items, they may be uncomfortable for people who do not like an upright backing to what they sit on when they consider it a sofa. These sofas can be quite rigid because of the way the are made in order to fold down, but in general they are just fine for having a rest on without actually going to bed. Because this type of sofa has to fold up and down in order to take advantage of all its features, the sides are not covered in anything and this may not please those who want their furniture neat and tidy.