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RV Day / Night Shades and RV BlindsRV Day / Night Shades and RV Blinds
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RV Day / Night Shades and RV Blinds

Day / Night Shades

Item: Made to Order

As Selected:



Custom Configuration:

please select from the options below to customize this item.

The color of the top metal piece that runs the width of the shade 

Deco Sheer 

White SheerBuff SheerBisque SheerPlantinum SheerAdmiral Blue - KCotton Sheer

Stichbond selections display a "S" after the color, while Woven display a "W". 

Foam StitchbondSuede StitchbondFrench Blue StitchbondPurple Haze StitchbondMacaroon StitchbondGraphite StitchbondAsh Grey StitchbondNew Toast StitchbondWhite StitchbondBlue Moon StitchbondDark Gray StitchbondDesert StitchbondEvergreen StitchbondLilac StitchbondLinen Beige StitchbondMaroon StitchbondSpearmint StitchbondTan StitchbondChancery StitchbondCotton StitchbondSand StitchbondPebble StitchbondGrape StitchbondOlive - SForest Stitchbond

Outside Mount = Outside the window frame. Inside Mount = Inside the the window frame. 

Sewn behind your opaque fabric to assure total room darkening and privacy. 

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Product Description:

Our pleated Shade Features:

  • A variety of fabric and color choices
  • EZ Lift: tension mount, no cord, push up/down
  • Two styles of bottom rails - Rounded fingertip rail or Square rail with color coordinated lift knobs.
  • Standard Cord Tension Style - A popular tie-down style which works with cords, under tension, anchored below the bottom rail for easy raising and lowering of the shade.
  • Optional Bottom Rail Mount  - Bottom rail is screwed to the window jamb, mostly residential applications. Much harder to adjust the tension.
  • Optional Blackout Liner - can be added behind your opaque fabric to assure total room darkening and privacy. Blackout Liner cannot be applied on Stitchbond Fabric.

Types of Shades:

Day/Night - Two shades in one.
A night fabric will pull all the way down for privacy, or it can be moved all the way to the top exposing a full length sheer day shade.
Either one can be set in any position for maximum flexibility.
These shades are very popular in RV's, & boats.

Day Only - These shades are made with a sheer (see-through) type of fabric which provides light and shade at the same time.
Used in sun rooms or applications where total privacy is not a concern.
Depending on your fabric choices there are varing degrees of transparency.

Night Only - These shades provide total privacy when extended.
A variety of fabric choices are available. For those who desire maximum privacy and room darkness, a blackout liner can be applied to the backside of your fabric.This eliminates nearly all light infiltration.

Maximum Width Available is 71"

Measuring Instructions:

Determine if the shade will mount outside the window frame onto the wall (Outside mount) or if the shade will be mounted inside the window frame (Inside mount)

Most RV applications are Outside mount.

Outside mount: Measure the width (across) of the area to be covered.
Example - Edge of window to edge of window plus 2" added for additional coverage.

Inside Mount: Measure the exact opening size and subtract a half inch.  The blinds will come the exact size that you order. 

Measure the length (Drop) of area to be covered.
Example: Top of frame to bottom of frame with an additional 2" added for mounting above and below window.(outside mount)

We will manufacture exactly the size you order.
Please verify your measurements so the entire window area is covered and allowances are made to assure a custom fit.
Made to order shades are not returnable!

If draperies or valances are already installed be sure your measurement for width allows the shade to fit under the current window treatment.

Important: This item is available on special order only and will take approximately 2-4 weeks for delivery.