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  • Flojet Water Pump Mini Strainer 01740300A
  • Flojet Water Pump Mini Strainer 01740300A

Flojet Water Pump Mini Strainer 01740300A

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Product Description

The FloJet Water Pump Mini Strainer 01740300A keeps debris out of freshwater supply in water pumps aboard RVs and trailers. It is rated for a maximum pressure of 15 PSI and supports a maximum flow of 3.5 GPM. The product measures a compact 6.8 inches by 5.1 inches by 2.5 inches. It weighs a light eleven ounces and is designed so that it can be easily installed into a number of FloJet water pumps. Compatible Flojet water pump models include the Triplex Pump (model number 52673), the Quad II Pumps (model numbers 52675 and 52681) and the 03526 and 4406 series pumps from FloJet. These water pump models have quick connect systems into which the Mini Strainer cartridge can be fitted easily for use on board RVs and mobile homes. It is highly recommended that the strainer only be used with compatible water pumps to prevent situations in which malfunctioning valves can lead to high shore water pressure breaking the 15 PSI capacity of the strainer, and similar issues. 

The Flojet Water Pump Mini Strainer 01740300A is designed and manufactured by the reputed US-based Xylem FloJet, providers of special application pumps and motors, for use with a wide range of FloJet water pumps installed on board campers, trailers, RV and other vehicles. The Flojet Mini Strainer is the basic strainer in use on most RVs and comes recommended for its quality build and ease of installation and cleaning. 

The FloJet Water Pump Mini Strainer 01740300A is made to be used at the vacuum end of the FloJet water pump in which it is installed. Straining function at this end is carried out by a woven 40 mesh wire screen which provides small openings for very fine straining applications. One of the most common causes of water pump malfunction on board RVs and mobile homes is trapped debris in the form of rocks, dirt, sticks, leaves and other foreign matter. A strainer like the FloJet Mini Strainer 01740300A can complement the pump's filtration system and help to protect the water pump's diaphragm and other parts from debris and other contaminants that slip through and can otherwise cause the device to malfunction prematurely. Debris can clog discharge lines, and to prevent this, the FloJet Mini Strainer traps debris before they reach the pump's discharge point. Strainers with 40 mesh screens like that installed in the FloJet Mini Strainer have openings of 0.0165 inches and typically capture debris and contaminants at around 425 microns. This grade of mesh is generally used to sift very fine powders. 

The FloJet Mini Strainer has a solid plastic body with a sturdy build. It has been designed keeping in mind ease of cleaning. The strainer can be easily removed to empty debris, dirt and other trapped particles in the mesh. A simple click of the tabs that have been designed into the body can release the removable mesh and allow the strainer to be cleaned, allowing a lifetime of use. When in use, the strainer should be checked, cleared and removed regularly. 

It is recommended that buyers also check vehicle fitment before they purchase the FloJet Mini Strainer. 
















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