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  • Dometic 300 Gravity Flush RV Toilet

Dometic 300 Gravity Flush RV Toilet

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Product Description

Dometic 300 Gravity Flush Toilets offer powerful triple jet action that removes waste completely, plus innovative drop away ball and valve system.

Full-size residential-style toilet features efficient foot pedal operation with adjustable water level. Replaces any standard-height RV toilet not installed on a raised platform--straight 2-bolt style toilets, 4-bolt style toilets or angled 2-bolt style toilets. (Some installations may require a Dometic floor flange adapter kit.)

  • Pedal cover and base shroud are incorporated into the new pedal and base design (not separate) resulting in easier installation
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Ball seal is easily changed without requiring any tools.
  • Easier maintenance for the customer
  • Contemporary styling
  • Residential Size Seat and height – 18”
  • Easy, 2-bolt installation
  • Optional Hand Spry
  • Available in Bone or White

The Dometic 300 Gravity Flush RV toilet is a great choice for your mobile home for many reasons including its full residential size. Unfortunately, to save space, a lot of RV toilet makers decide to shrink down the size of their toilets to something much smaller than what you might find in a residential home, the Dometic 300 avoids this problem by providing a full residential size seat and a full 18-inch residential-style height that makes using this toilet a pleasurable experience compared with any toilet, RV or otherwise.

Likewise, the Dometic 300 avoids the problem of complicated flushing systems seen in many other toilets that require users to bend down into an awkward position inside of an already cramped bathroom just to operate the toilet, it does this thanks to a one hundred percent foot pedal operated flushing system that makes flushing as easy as a simple footstep while simultaneously helping to keep things sanitary.

The Dometic 300 also saves you time and money when it comes to installation thanks to an ultra-lightweight design that allows the toilet to be picked up and moved by just about anyone and a two bolt installation system that doesn't require any sort of special technical expertise in order to secure it to the floor of your RV bathroom. Whereas with a lot of other toilets you might have to install the toilet ring, pedal cover and base shroud separately, with the Dometic 300 all three are already included and incorporated into the design so that you don't have to worry about additional accessories after the initial installation.

The maintenance is just as easy as the installation thanks to features such as a ball seal that can be replaced by the customer without the use of any additional tools and without having to call a specialist to come out and fix a simple problem. In terms of performance, the toilet has a powerful triple jet action flush system that quickly and efficiently eliminates any waste even after multiple uses.

The powerful waste removal system is further aided by an innovative drop away ball and valve design that provides more powerful flushes and a toilet that you can rely on to get the job done every time. The toilet features a timeless contemporary design that is compliments the looks of any modern day RV bathroom and keeps things from looking too dated. In terms of color, the toilet comes in a classic white as well as a softer bone color so that you can easily match it with the rest of your RV decor.

With every order of this toilet we also include a three-in-one toilet bowl cleaner that keeps your bowl that's easy to use and that keeps your toilet bowl looking shiny and new as with all RV toilets, it's highly recommended that you use RV toilet paper which is bio-degradable and that has been specifically designed for these types of toilets in order to help avoid clogs to the toilet as well as the rest of the RV waste system.

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