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RV Toilet Paper 6 Rolls


Product Description

Spending your holiday with family in your RV is a majestic opportunity that few would miss. Yet, among the things that can destroy your experience is a blockage in your black water tank caused by…toilet paper.

Apart from the occasional rough texture, many types of regular toilet paper are also found to have little ability of absorption. Moreover, they tend to stick to the side walls of the holding tank, causing your tank sensors to make incorrect readings. This often result in toilet blockages and a great deal of frustration!

Unlike a great many regular types of toilet paper out there, RV toilet paper is known to dissolve at a very fast rate, it tends to refrain from sticking onto the walls of your tank, it has a more comfortable texture for the user and is reasonably priced. In other words, RV toilet paper promises greater benefits for yourself and your RV's septic system alike.

In addition, the benefits of RV toilet paper go far beyond the mere protection of your RV tank from being clogged. RV toilet paper also benefits the environment as it is 100% biodegradable and gets decomposed by living organisms, thus contributing to the reduction of pollution as well. What’s more, most types of RV toilet paper are chlorine-free and 100 percent recycled, something that a lot of ordinary types of toilet paper cannot boast of. By using RV toilet paper you won’t save just your septic system. You will help save our world’s trees and ecosystem too.

Surprisingly enough however, some experts claim that certain types of toilet paper labelled as RV TP do in fact cause more damage than those that are branded as normal toilet paper and vice versa. Several pundits suggest that toilet paper which is advertised as 'RV Friendly' turns out to be low quality paper while toilet paper that is not made out to be of the RV type can be proven to be very beneficial.

The question is therefore, how can we know for sure whether the toilet roll that we’re going to put in our RV will be up to the job? How can we determine if the chosen toilet paper is the responsible type that will prove to be both RV-friendly and eco-friendly?

The answer lies in the renowned, fault-proof, RV toilet paper test method that is performed all over the globe. Its process is outlined below:

  • Collect a range of types of toilet paper. They can be either of the regular or the RV type.
  • Place a series of containers on a table. Each container should have a label to display the name of the toilet paper that will contain.
  • Put a single square of toilet paper inside each container. Make sure that the toilet paper is fully saturated by plunging the square to the bottom of the container.
  • Seal of each container with its respective lid and shake every container ONCE. This method is meant to simulate the flashing of a toilet.
  • Leave the containers for a period of 24 hours. The toilet paper that will have dissolved more than the others is the type you really want.


  • Premium Quality – Saves Trees.
  • 100% Biodegradable – Septic Safe.
  • Made in USA – for optimum quality.
  • Recycled – For a cleaner planet.

RV Toilet Paper 6 Pack

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  1. 6 pack or 1 1/2 a 4 pack 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 14th 2016

    I was surprised to see a 4 pack and half an opened 4 pack in the box when I ordered a 6 pack. They did a good job of filling the order with what they had.