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  • Rubber Roof Adhesive 1 Gallon

RV Rubber Roof Adhesive 1 Gallon 8011


Product Description

Rubber Roof Adhesive 1 Gallon 8011 is a water based adhesive. It is a high solids adhesive with a mid-range drying time. Use this adhesive in your recreational vehicle (RV) or commercial roofing industries to adhere membranes to the decking. You can use this adhesive on moisture absorbent surfaces for best results.

Rubber Roof Adhesive 1 Gallon 8011 is not suitable for fiberglass or metal surfaces. You cannot use this product for a membrane to membrane application. Meeting all the strict regulatory requirements for adhesives, this water-based adhesive is totally environment-friendly and completely user safe. Use this adhesive without hesitations in sensitive environments as it is a low-odor solution. Low energy costs, reduced carbon outputs, and a decrease in air conditioning loads are some of the advantages of using this adhesive due to its cooling benefits. Rubber roofing assures an easy to maintain and a watertight roof which is puncture and tear resistant.

Rubber Roof Adhesive 1 Gallon 8011 is an easy-to-apply product. Applying this membrane-like material on the roof from the 1-gallon pail is very easy. Although this is a completely different product from house paint, using traditional application methods similar to that of house paint like brushes, sprays and rolls will give you best results. With a uniform application, you can achieve coverage of 175-200 square feet per gallon.

Rubber Roof Adhesive 1 Gallon 8011 is natural colored and ideal for applications where a quick dry time is not required. Its special formulation ensures that once applied, it dries to form a strong membrane over the substrate. This universal glue for RV roofing adheres seamlessly and fully and grows stronger and more tenacious with age. Remaining flexible to better compensate for the contraction and expansion of the membrane, it helps the RV roof to tolerate many external stresses which occur due to the dynamic environments to which the roofs are subjected.

Product shown may be substituted with the 8010

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