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  • Fantastic Fan 1200

Fantastic Fan Vent Manual Lift with 3-Speed/Reverse White with Smoke Dome 1250


Product Description

Fan-Tastic 801250 Vent Manual Lift with 3-Speed/Reverse White with Smoke Dome

Fantastic Fan 1250 (Replaces 4000R)

Part # 810003 FV1250HWUSD81-SP


  • Three Fan Blade Speeds
  • Fits Standard 14" x 14" Opening
  • Manual Lift Dome
  • Quiet Operation
  • Reversible Air Flow
  • High Profile Base
  • Garnish Included

*Requires 7 days before shipment

Product Reviews

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  1. FANTASTIC-- Fantastic Fan. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 6th 2017

    In my previous 5th wheel RV.....I had this fan which would move air IN.... As well as OUT.

    My new 5th wheel ( ALMOST 40' long).. had only the inadequate Bathroom fan........and the model of this fan in bedroom which only draws air out.

    Well......on cool EVENINGS..... It's nice to set the fan PULLING IN--- to gently blow cool air on the bed.... As you sleep!!!!!

    I purchased this fan -- so I can have the comfort options....I had on my old 5th wheel. ( out on hot days,in on cool evening's.)..... So I don't always need to use AC in Summer.

    Fantastic fan has ALWAYS had good products..( unfortunately their warranty ISN'T lifetime like it used to be)...but the DOME IS STILL lifetime .and other parts are a combined 7 yrs warranty...2 years on all parts with shipping including ...5 additional yrs... You pay shipping.

    Not too bad---- considering other products on the market.