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RV Aluminum Roof

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Aluminum seamless continuous rolled roofs are heavier than normal roofs at .024 Gauge.
Available in mil finish and is extra wide at 103 inches.

Price shown is per 5 linear feet. Order quantity of 2 is 10 linear feet and would ship a piece 120" x 103".

RVs made with aluminum parts are cheaper, lighter and rust free. That is why RV with aluminum parts became particularly popular over its steel substitute. While fiberglass RV is also a very good contender, the biggest advantage is that aluminium RV is so much cheaper, they can be cheaper by thousands of dollars. So RV enthusiasts thinking of buying one for the first time can experiment with aluminium RV and see if it is right for them. Another big reason to pick an aluminum RV is because it is more malleable. If you damage a part of your RV containing fiberglass, you will likely have to replace the whole side, whereas for an aluminum RV, you will only need to replace just the damaged portion.

When you are getting an RV, an essential part to think about is the roof. RV Aluminum Roof is much cheaper than its counterpart, but will also work very well with it. Just like fiberglass, RV Aluminum roof will add weight to the vehicle, but when compared to wooden roofs, it is much lighter. An RV Aluminium roof is also very low maintenance, so you can spend less on it compared to other materials. Aluminum is overall, a cheaper alternative to most materials and can be a good starting point for RV beginners. Aluminum roof can be installed easily on the RV without bringing the potential of leaking forth

Once installed, an RV Aluminum roof will last you for ages. An aluminum roof will typically last from twenty to fifty years, while the pain finish will be good for thirty years. It is very weather resistant, because it can tackle high wind speeds, stave off water and shed snow. Because of its interlocking design, and also because the aluminum surface is slippery RV Aluminum Roofs can ward off snow and rain very effectively. Aluminum roof is also fire resistant and is not affected by rot or insects. If you live in searing hot temperatures, then aluminum roofs have the ability to reflect heat from the sun. While the material itself does not insulate heat, RV Aluminum roof utilizes a space of dead air located between the roof deck and the metal. This increases your RV’s energy efficiency. So we can safely say that RV Aluminum roof is suitable for all weather types.


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