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Dometic 310 Gravity Toilet
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Dometic 310 Gravity Toilet

Dometic Corp

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WHITE - 302310071

Item: 302310071 | Mfg #: 302310071

White Dometic 310 Toilet



BONE - 302310073

Item: 302310073 | Mfg #: 302310073

Bone Dometic 310 Toilet


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Dometic 310 Toilet White

Dometic 310 Toilet White

Reg Price: $176.18

Save: $41.18 (23%)


Product Description:

 To meet the demands of today's evolving RV Technology. Dometic introduces a lightweight yet powerful toilet that surpasses both RV builder and owner expectations.

The Dometic 310 toilet is the best of all worlds. A value priced toilet, the Dometic 310 features revolutionary Powerflush Technology and a china bowl.

Manufacturers love it for the industry- best quick, two bolt installation. Dealers love offering a china toilet at a price previously seen only for cheaper, flimsier plastic models. You'll love everything about the 310.

 *Full size, light weight, simplified design-perfect for today's RV.

*Powerful bowl-clearing flush every time.

*Conserves water-uses as little as 1 pint per flush.

*Full size residential-style ceramic bowl and seat height for user comfort.

*Ergonomic-height foot pedal for easy operation.

*Easy installation-just fasten to floor flange and connect water line.

15" W X 19" D X 20" H.


True, 100% bowl coverage

Tasteful and elegant Euro design

Lightweight and strong - 100% china

Innovative industry-leading drop away ball and valve with new seal-tight system

Powerflush, swirl-jet bowl rinse action ensures a cleaner rinse

Comfortable 18-inch ergonomic seat height

  • Available in white and bone colors