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Continental Kit 86In E205
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Continental Kit 86In E205

Intertek - Distributio

Continental Kit 86" E205

Item: cst-72969 | Mfg #: U-205KPW

Reg Price: $207.33

Save: $16.38 (7%)


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Product Description:

INTERTEK CONTINENTAL KIT - FEATURES STAINLESS STEEL RING - For Class A motor homes, mini-motor homes, Rv's, vans and off-road vehicles. Stainless steel rings come with the highest gloss finish available. A protective removable film prevents fingerprinting and scratching. Center inserts are a high gloss Korad ABS plastic. Listing shows tire sizes each kit fits. If tire size is unknown, measure completely around mounted and inflated tire at center of tread with a flexible tape measure: match this measurement to the ring size listed below. Many sizes not shown below are available from supplier. Limited supply of metal inserts available by Special Order (s/o). With Korad ABS Polar White Insert: 86" Ring Size, Fits P-205/75R15, P-215/75R15, P-225/70R16.