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Refrigerator, Norcold De0788b
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Refrigerator, Norcold De0788b

Norcold Products

Refrigerator Norcold De0

Item: cst-69238 | Mfg #: DE0788B


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Product Description:

NORCOLD AC/DC FREE STANDING REFRIGERATOR/FREEZER– FOR MOBILE AND MARINE USE - Norcold is the industry leader in marine refrigeration, with features like automatic conversion from AC to DC and back, low current draw, hermetically sealed and self-lubricating compressors, lightweight aluminum construction and handsome, sensible design. • Free-standing model with mounting legs. • Full-width freezer compartment. • Exceptionally quiet, hermetically-sealed compressor. • Expressly designed for reliability in marine and mobile applications. • Easy, accessible storage. • Convenient, large container storage. • Durable and easy-to-clean white powder-coated shelves. • Easy open and close door latches-even under the counter. • Reversible door. • Off-level operation up to 30°. • DE0788B 3.1-cubic foot of storage. • Exceptionally-quiet, hermetically-sealed compressor - dependable without disturbing noise, even in close quarters! • Combination refrigerator-freezer. • Self-venting capability. • Flush, undercounter mounting. • Sharp black finish. 30" x 21-1/2" x 20-1/8".