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Catalytic Heater, 3100
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Catalytic Heater, 3100

Camco Mfg Inc

Catalytic Heater 3100

Item: cst-62230 | Mfg #: 57331


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Product Description:

OLYMPIAN WAVE CATALYTIC SAFETY HEATERS - The ideal heaters for either your primary or secondary heating source, Olympian Wave Catalytic Heaters operate on low pressure L/P gas and can be wall mounted or used as portables. The built-in automatic Piezo electric spark starter will last for 20,000 starts and is self-generating. No electrical connections or battery drain. No flame, no flue or chimney, no fan or blower, no noise; just dependable, penetrating soft infrared heat. WAVE-3 3000 BTU CATALYTIC HEATER - Operates at altitudes up to 12,000' on LP fuel. 1600-2800 BTU adjustable output. 1/8 lb./hr. fuel consumption. 3/8" SAE flare gas connection. 110 square feet of heated comfort (approx.) Piezo spark ignition. Size: 11-3/4" H x 10-1/4" W x 3-1/2" D. Weight: 6 lbs. Use configurations: • Wall mount vertical/horizontal • Portable leg stands. 3,000 BTU Heater. (Not for sale in Canada).