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Vent, 26X26 Elixir
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Vent, 26X26 Elixir

Heng's Industries Usa

Vent 26X26 Elixir

Item: 68631-c2 | Mfg #: 68631-C2

Reg Price: $200.21

Save: $103.22 (51%)


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22 x 22 Elixer Escape Vent

22 x 22 Elixer Escape Vent

Product Description:

HENG’S INDUSTRIES ESCAPE HATCH / EXIT VENTS - Features: • Fresh air ventilation: A turn of the crank provides a large vent area. Lets air through, keeps insects out. • Includes opaque white plastic lid. • Sturdy frame installs easily and is made of heavy aluminum extrusion to assure secure mounting. • Dependable operation featuring leak-resistant lid and weather-tight frame. • White garnish included. Advantages: • Instant exit. Screen opens quickly to assure fast exit through opening. • 26" x 26" Escape Hatch, with 4 pc.,2" White Metal Garnish (RVIA); Cutout 25-7/8" x 25-7/8".